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Usual Wine

Usual Wine is a winery with a cult social media following based in the Bay Area. They sell their single-served exclusively online & I would extend their products brick & mortar locations. The target audience reaches she/her, & she/they feminine audiences within their 20's-30's. 

Looking into the casual single-served wine labels, my design offsets from the current market as the majority uses glass bottles, to glass cups, & cans. I chose to go with a gusset pouch for the product to be light, re-sealable, & damage free. Here's a toast to our nomadic drinkers.  

Year: Fall 2020

Course: Package Design 3

Instructor: Thomas McNulty

Categories: Packaging, Branding


Package & Color Studies 

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As a woman I am always concerned in how I have to attend my drink or keep it covered at all times. With a pouched wine, myself & countless other women wouldn't have to worry about our drinks being messed with.

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