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The objective was to redesign the packaging of an existing wine label. By analyzing the chosen target audience, I tailored the experience to accommodate particular needs. The form of the wine being in a gusset pouch makes it much more difficult for anyone trying to mess with your drink.


Usual Wine is an online-based winery known for its striking persona. They take pride in their all-natural cultivation, with zero additives all under the California sun. I designed signature motifs to accommodate the visual storytelling.

With the disturbing rise of roofie cases, redesigning the way it looks was not the only priority. Reinventing the way we package our wine was its own challenge itself. We took the time in researching the many ways wine can be served. By taking this all into account, no one should experience this type of non-consensual assault.



 Preventing                Roofies

        → Project Usual Wines   Course Package         Design 3   Semester Fall 2020   Instructor      Tom McNulty

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