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My name is Gwynette Oller, a graphic designer born & raised in San Francisco. My areas of design specialize in design strategy, branding, visual systems, packaging design, and editorial design.

Using design thinking is a key asset when solving and enhancing the human experience between one another. Designers are always learning and using their abilities for others as an act of selflessness. The beauty of it all is that design is always evolving and will always integrate seamlessly into our daily lives.

As someone born and raised in the Bay Area, I witness all walks of life and organic expression. It is second nature to support everyone to the best of your abilities and keep empathy in the back of my mind. Sometimes all you have to do is immerse yourself in a new environment and let inspiration take over.

Outside of being a graphic designer, I nurse +30 houseplants, watch video essays relayed to music, read manga, collect vinyl, and hoard design books that captivate me. I hope to make a positive impact in design - whatever way, shape, or form that might be.

If you’re curious about my design process or would like to collaborate in meaningful design, don’t hesitate to contact me!

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