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FLCL is a Japanese animated series that came out in 2000 with a six-episode run. This show has an infamous following with international fans praising the series for its groundbreaking visual style, complex storytelling, and raw soundtrack. The objective was to recreate a vinyl cover for the FLCL soundtrack with music by The Pillows - A Japanese alternative rock band from Hokkaido, Japan. 


FLCL is a chaotic but brilliant experience jammed packed in an animation series. In its simplest explanation of the plot, it is a coming of age story where the protagonist Naota experiences the complexities of growing up. Like myself and other bad kids watching FLCL on Adult Swim, this series introduced us to nonsensical humor, complex character development, hidden sexual themes, and amazing visual style. 

Revisiting this series and soundtrack brought back a lot of nostalgia of where and who I was as a kid. I wanted to capture that feeling by getting inspired by art, and music of that time. I thumbed through old records and brushed up on my Japanese to fully transcribe my childhood lens as an adult.



Translating                              Sound

     FLCL Album Art

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    My younger self
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