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War & Beauty

Kalinga tattoos were thought to be a retired relic of Philippine culture. It wasn't until one day, someone in Metro Manila was seen with fresh ink with Kalinga motifs at a local bar. From word of mouth, people hike & climb mountains to the infamous Head Hunter territory of Buscalan. 

War & Beauty is a conceptual exhibit on Kalinga tattoos that takes place at the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco. As you learn more on Kalinga tattoo history, enjoy the music, food, & traditional tattoo demonstrations. 

Year: Fall 2019

Course: Graphic Design 2

Instructor: David Hake

Categories: Branding, Editorial 

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Growing up Filipino American, I always wanted to see glimpses of my culture. However, not much remains to this day. Luckily with Kalinga tattoos still being practiced today, generations of kin will be able to witness our once lost art form that started from charcoal & a calamansi thorn.