The Effects of 
Influencer Culture

What are they really selling?

Timeline: 1.5 years

Tools: Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign

Instructor: John Nettleton


Project Brief

We were tasked to look into a system man-made or organically found, and asses its nature of course.

I chose to base my system from Influencer Culture; most commonly seen on social media apps.

There is a whole system to how influencers make money from promoting teas, clothes, & services to masses of their followers. Their clients are usually corporations big & small.

In this 20 page book, I focus on these issues; referring to academic articles while creating my own infographics.

Themes of Plato really echoed into my message while applying visual cues of Instagram onto my booklet. This makes readers familiar with the style while also being digestible.

I said thank you
I designed it.

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