Stark Industries

We Love You 3000

Timeline: 5 weeks

Instructor: Tom McNulty

Tools: Illustrator, Photoshop, Sketch, Dimensions

Solo Project

Project Brief

The goal of this project was to choose an existing company and create an extension of products under their name. 

Stark Industries is known throughout the Marvel universe as a powerhouse in leading technology under Tony Stark, also known as Iron Man

Project Overview

I worked on creating packaging for 5 powertools under Stark Industries with a futuristic and familiar look to their line of products. Because who doesn't love Iron Man right? 

Growing up, I always thought that the Iron Man suit and tech were out of this world, so this was a great opportunity to create something that could exist today.

I was inspired by the advanced tech seen in the Iron Man suit as well as his other gadgets in his workshop.

Textures like gunmetal, grids & holographic blues echoed throughout the design mimicking parts of the UI & suit.

All my deliverables were rendered through adobe dimensions. For materials, I considered the use of compostable plastics, as well as recycled cardboard.

I said thank you
I designed it.

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