Graphic Designer in San Francisco


Bi Rite

Eco Conscious Packaging 

Timeline: 5 weeks

Tools: Illustrator, Photoshop

Instructor: Jacques Rossouw

Materials: Paper, glass, jute

Solo Project

Project Brief

I decided to create a whole new store system for Bi-Rite, a San Francisco bodega that started in the 1920’s. Through time they gained a tremendous reputation of quality of produce and service.

Project Overview

With this store re-brand, I tailored it to customers who are eco-conscious; these are customers that bring in their own jars to refill and canvas bags.

By heading in an eco-conscious direction, this assures less waste in the environment and as well as cheaper production costs for developing a label system. This also gives the opportunity to focus more on the produce.

Artboard 4sol1.png
Artboard 9sol1.png
Artboard 11sol1.png
I said thank you
I designed it.

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